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Cambodian Adoption Community 

It's never too soon to connect with others who are involved in adopting from Cambodia.  They can be a great resource as you navigate your way though the adoption maze - and nobody understands better what you are going through.

FamCam (Families with Cambodian Children) is an organization with chapters throughout the United States.  These groups get together a few times a year for Cambodian festivals, picnics and some even organize retreats.  It is a great place to connect with other adopting families and after your child is home, he or she can get to know other kids with similar backgrounds.

Kids at the NW FamCam summer picnic


Heritage Camps provide culturally relevant and family-centered experiences for every member of the family.  

  • Colorado Heritage Camps sponsors a Cambodian Heritage Camp for adoptive families each summer.  
    Notice for Family Camp 2006:  It's time to get on the mailing list for the 2006 Cambodian Heritage Camp, run by Colorado Heritage Camps, if you are interested in receiving information about next summer's camp!  Our theme for 2006 is A Sense of Cambodia,  which will explore  the sights, smells, sounds, tastes and textures of typical Cambodian places, such as the temple, the market, the rice field, the river, the kitchen, the palm thatch house. All of this will be in our NEW LOCATION up in the mountains of Colorado at the YMCA of the Rockies Snow Mountain Ranch facility!  Please see our web site, www.heritagecamps.org  for more details and to be added to our mailing list by clicking on the "registration" button. 


  • Hands Around the World sponsors a SE Asian Culture Camp for families.  Located in Illinois HATW gives families in northern Illinois, western Indiana, and southern Michigan and Wisconsin a camp opportunity for their adopted children from Cambodia.


There is also a big community presence on the internet.  There are a number of Yahoo! groups that are geared towards people interested or involved in adopting from Cambodia.  

This adoption list is for anyone who is interested in, is   in the process of or has adopted from Cambodia. Current and relevant information pertaining to adoptions in Cambodia will be posted to this list. I encourage all members to share their experiences, questions and thoughts. This is also a place for discussion of Khmer culture and other topics of interest to families with children who are adopted from Cambodia. Please be respectful of all list members.

The Cambodia Adopt List is a means by which parents and prospective parents can support and inform each other about issues related to adoption from Cambodia.

CAL Pictures
CAL-pictures is a list where the members of Cambodia Adopt List can share pictures of their children and themselves.

A Kinder CambodiaAdoptGroup
This is a list for families seeking information and support concerning Cambodia adoption.   All members must be approved.   Any member that posts flames and or nasty public emails will be removed from the list.   We wish to form a growing community of caring and supportive friends. Again, if you tend to public flame, please don't ask to subscribe.

Christians Adopting From Cambodia 
This group is for Christians or anyone interested in the Christian perspective who are adopting, have adopted or are interested in adopting from Cambodia. We will not exclude list members from other faiths but ask that you respect our beliefs and do not spam about your beliefs. The primary purpose of this group is to discuss issues relating to adoption from a Christian perspective.

Singles Adopting From Cambodia  
This group is for single women and men who have adopted from Cambodia or who are in the process of adopting from Cambodia.   It is also open to single men and women who are considering adopting from Cambodia.

This group was formed in order for post-adoptive parents of Khmer children to discuss the issues specifically related to raising a Khmer child in our society.   Feel free to discuss the "hard" topics as well as the humorous experiences you have had.   All points of view are welcome and should be respected.   While good discussions with differing opinions are valuable (and encouraged), please DO NOT send personal attacks to the list--comment on the viewpoint, not on the person sharing the viewpoint.   Please consider taking a moment to introduce yourself and your children to the list when you join.   This list will be unmoderated so please be sure your messages represent you well before pushing the "send" button--your message will be posted immediately by Yahoo Groups!   Welcome! =-)

Adopting Independently From Cambodia 
Adopting Independently From Cambodia is an unmoderated discussion group for both prospective adoptive parents and adoptive parents who are interested in adopting independently from Cambodia.   Topics of interest will include dossier preparation, facilitator discussions, travel stories.   Membership is by registration only.   Information shared on this list is confidential; your subscription request indicates that you understand the need for confidentiality & will respect this request.

Cambodian Adoption Issues

Open discussion of issues about Cambodian Adoption. Corruption, facilitators, orphanages, birthfamily searches, Cambodian culture and politics - all thorny, difficult topics are welcome.

Lists with a significant presence of families who adopted from Cambodia

GAARP adopt
GAARPadopt:   Gracefully Aging Aware Refined Parents adopt.  A forum for adoptive or would-be adoptive parents over the age of 40, or anyone who plans to be a-parenting into their golden years.   Domestic and foreign adoption issues welcome. Adopted children of older parents are also welcome to participate.  This is a place to discuss the special challenges both older parents and the adopted children of older parents face now and will face in the future.   This list is lightly moderated.   All new members welcome.  Please, no profanity (sans clever double entendres), flame wars, or spamming.   Support is the name of the game.   Humor a plus.   Welcome.

OLDER-CHILD is an off-shoot of ICHILD (India adoption, information, support and resources) and is a list specifically for families who have adopted older children. It is a place to discuss the issues that can be specific to older child adoptions.  


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