Children of Sovanna-Phum,
The Golden Land of Cambodia

by Ngasha Beck-Huy with Savoeun Huy

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From the Publisher
104 pages, single spaced full size 8-1/2"x11" softcover, comb-bound, with photos and drawings; written about the culture of the people of Cambodia, with the adoptive parent in mind.  The largest section of the book is Q&A, taken from questions Ngasha has answered on the Internet adopt-from-Cambodia news lists over the past 7 years; keep in mind, these are CULTURAL questions--the methods and process of adopting from Cambodia are NOT discussed in this book. There is not much dealing with sight-seeing and travel, either, since that info is widely available, especially from Lonely Planet guidebooks, but some other sections that *are* included in Ngasha's book are on food and cooking, "comfort" food for adopted Cambodian children, Cambodian recipes, memoirs of a Cambodian child of growing up in Cambodia BEFORE the Pol-Pot (Khmer Rouge era) days; this part was written by Ngasha's husband of 22 years, Savoeun.  There is a small section on names and naming, and how names are used in Cambodia; a short section on language and a word list with things like "hungry," "need to pee-pee" and other things adoptive parents of older kids will need to understand.  There are also do's and don'ts for dealing with Cambodian people, how to greet and visit with Khmers (Cambodian people), and so on.  Much included information is not available anywhere else.



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