When we were just beginning our adoption process, we found the Cambodian adoption community to be a great resource and encouragement.  That was even more true after we brought our daughter home.  The support and friendship found within the Cambodian adoptive community is a very valuable thing, for the whole family.  Even if you have been home with your child for years, it's never too late to get involved.

FamCam (Families with Cambodian Children) is an organization with chapters throughout the United States.  These groups get together a few times a year for Cambodian festivals, picnics and some even organize retreats.  It is a great place to connect with other adopting families and after your child is home, he or she can get to know other kids with similar backgrounds.

Heritage Camps provide culturally relevant and family-centered experiences for every member of the family.  

  • Colorado Heritage Camps sponsors a Cambodian Heritage Camp for adoptive families each summer.  This year's camp is July 15-18th (with an optional day on the 14th) at Snow Mountain Ranch, Fraser, CO.  The theme is "A Cambodian Feast".

    "Even among the unique group of culture camps that comprises the Colorado Heritage Camps family, Cambodian Heritage Camp stands out. Now in its ninth year, it is the only culture camp in the U.S. that is specifically geared toward Cambodian-born adoptees and their families....  Cambodian Heritage camp normally fills up quickly with over 100 families who travel from throughout the U.S. to attend this very special event. We have a huge “extended family” of Cambodian-Americans from the Denver area who give their unwavering support to our camp every year, and an astounding network of Cambodian-American volunteers who regularly come from California and the east coast to participate as camp counselors, workshop leaders, and program speakers." 

Yahoo! groups provide an internet community resource.  All of the following groups are currently active.

This adoption list is for anyone who is interested in the process of or has adopted from Cambodia. Current and relevant information pertaining to adoptions in Cambodia will be posted to this list. I encourage all members to share their experiences, questions and thoughts. This is also a place for discussion of Khmer culture and other topics of interest to families with children who are adopted from Cambodia. Please be respectful of all list members.

The Cambodia Adopt List is a means by which parents and prospective parents can support and inform each other about issues related to adoption from Cambodia.

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This is a list for families seeking information and support concerning Cambodia adoption.   All members must be approved.   Any member that posts flames and or nasty public emails will be removed from the list.   We wish to form a growing community of caring and supportive friends. Again, if you tend to public flame, please don't ask to subscribe.
This group was formed in order for post-adoptive parents of Khmer children to discuss the issues specifically related to raising a Khmer child in our society.   Feel free to discuss the "hard" topics as well as the humorous experiences you have had.   All points of view are welcome and should be respected.   While good discussions with differing opinions are valuable (and encouraged), please DO NOT send personal attacks to the list--comment on the viewpoint, not on the person sharing the viewpoint.   Please consider taking a moment to introduce yourself and your children to the list when you join.   This list will be unmoderated so please be sure your messages represent you well before pushing the "send" button--your message will be posted immediately by Yahoo Groups!   Welcome! =-)