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What To Bring 

There are many items you simply cannot buy in Phnom Penh.  You should plan to bring these items along, or plan to do without.  

You should realize that the items listed below may be more expensive than you expect, or may be of low quality.  It may have labeling primarily in Thai or Khmer.  You may not recognize many of the brand names from Asia.  Or, you may need to travel to several stores to find what you are looking for.  Therefore, if you are heading to Cambodia for a short visit you may wish to bring along everything you need from home rather than spending time shopping for obscure items in a strange country.

Items you can buy
in Phnom Penh

These items are
NOT Available!

Baby Items   (Lucky Supermarket)

Bottles and nipples
Baby food jars
Teethers and Pacifiers
Rice cereal
Diapers and wipes, Pull-ups
Discount baby clothes
Umbrella stroller
Car Seat (note: most taxis lack seat belts, so consider skipping this)

Over-3 toys (Pencil Supercenter)


Disposable bottle liners
Battery-powered swing
Swim Diapers
Baby Bjorn carrier
Board Books
Under-3 toys

Kitchen Items (Lucky Supermarket)

Corn flakes
Spaghetti & sauce
Bread , PB&J, cheese, meat
Bottled water
Disposable plates, utensils, cups 
Candy, cookies, chips, crackers


Granola bars
Microwave Popcorn
Ziploc bags (to keep ants away)
Measuring cups/spoons

Other Items

Shampoo/conditioner (Pencil Supercenter)
Contact lens solution (Optometrists)
35mm film (Photo stores)
Regular batteries (Lucky)
Standard prescription drugs (Naga Pharamcy)
Office supplies (International Book Center)
Extra luggage (Russian Market)
Paperbacks (London Book Center)


Solid Deodorant
Suntan lotion in various SPF's
Over-the-counter drugs: Advil, Pepto, Nyquil, Sudafed, infant/child Tylenol, Benadryl Cream, etc.
Camera Batteries
Bug Spray (or cream) 
Cash (no ATM, just Western Union)



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