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Agency Listing

The following agencies have Cambodian programs.  For more information, 
please contact the agency.  For feedback on an agency, see our 
Agency Experiences page
.  We invite all agencies with Cambodian
programs to be a part of our listing.  Please email
[email protected] to be added to the list.  
We encourage prospective adopters to research agencies carefully:  
reviewing references, checking with the Better Business Bureau and 
asking questions.  For a list of suggested questions, see our 
Agency Questions

NOTE:  CambodiaAdoptionConnection takes no responsibility for, and
exercises no control over, the organizations, views, or accuracy of the
information contained on any of the pages linked below.  Please be 
aware that at this time the INS suspension is still in place. 
In September 2002 the INS expanded the initiative to include:
".. those prospective adoptive parents who filed an I-600A application by 
December 31, 2001. To be eligible, the parents must have designated 
Cambodia by September 1, 2002. Additionally, a Cambodian child that is 
to be adopted must have been born on or before December 31, 2001."

According to the INS:  "DOS will explore the possibility of establishing a government-to
-government procedure for the processing and matching of all remaining adoption cases
 included in the final expansion of the humanitarian initiative. Until this time prospective 
adoptive parents are advised NOT to accept a referral from any facilitator."

A New Arrival, Inc.
Director: Lori Jones
Contact phone:  406.287.2114
Contact email:  [email protected]                           
Web page: www.anewarrival.com


A World of Hope, Inc.
International Adoption and Humanitarian Aide Services
Founder:  Julie Keaton
Contact Phone:  (707) 964-5578
Contact Email:  Julie - [email protected]
Web page:  www.aworldofhope.org


A World of Hope

Americans Adopting Orphans
Directors of Agency:  Cindy and David Ptasnik
Cambodia Program:  Susan Eilenberg, LCSW
Contact Phone:  (314) 963-7100 (Cambodia Program)
Contact Email:  [email protected]
Agency Phone:  1-800-467-7426
Web Address:  www.orphans.com


Americans for International Aid and Adoption
Executive Director: Nancy M. Fox
Cambodian Program Administrator: Cherie Drohan
Contact Phone: 248-362-1207
Contact Email: [email protected] 
Web Address: www.aiaaadopt.org 

Angel's Haven Outreach
Director: Sherry Spain
Cambodian Coordinator:  Carolyn Birmingham
Contact Phone:  405-447-5497 (voice/fax),
                         405-447-3590 (voice) CST
Contact Email:  [email protected] (Sherry)
                        [email protected]  (Carolyn)
Web page:  www.angels-haven.com


Carolina Adoption Services
Director:  Rosemary Martin
Program Coordinator:  Susan Wycoff
Contact Phone: 336-275-9660
Contact Email:  [email protected]

Carolina Hope Christian Adoption Agency
Director:  Laura Godwin
Contact Phone:  864.268.0570
Contact Email: [email protected]
Web page:  www.carolinahopeadoption.org


Cherished Children International Adoption Agency Inc.
Cambodian Coordinator:  Lynn Arnett


Children's House International
Contact Phone: (360) 380-5370
Contact Email: [email protected]
Web page:  http://www.childrenshouseinternational.com/
Florida Home Studies and Adoption (FHSA)
Director:  Susan Henry Ham, LCSW 
Cambodian Program Coordinator:  Bonnie Loza
Contact Phone:  (973) 300 5833 (Bonnie)
                         (941) 342-8189 (Susan)
Contact Email: [email protected] (Bonnie)
                   or [email protected] (Susan)
Web page:  http://users.nac.net/lozafamily 
            or http://flhomestudies.com

Focus on Children
Director:  Karie Thornock
Contact Phone (435) 843-9009
Contact Email  [email protected]


International Family Services 
Adoption and Humanitarian Aide Services
Cambodian Program Director: Shari Hedrick
Contact Phone:  (513) 631-6590
Contact Email:  Shari - shari@adoptinternational.org
Web page:  www.adoptinternational.org   


Journeys of the Heart
Director:  Susan Tompkins, LCSW
Cambodian program:  David Slansky, JD
Contact Phone:  503-681-3075
Contact Email:  [email protected]


La Vida International Adoption Agency
Director:  Stephanie D'Amico, M.S.W., L.S.W.
Cambodia Program Coordinator: Sue Trigona, MA
Contact Phone: 610-688-8008; Fax 610-688-8028
Contact Email [email protected]
Web page:   www.lavida.org

Mandala Adoption Services
Operations Director:  Leah Pribac
Contact Phone:  1-800-295-3191 or 919-942-5500
Contact Email:  [email protected] or    
                        [email protected]
Web page:  www.mandalaadoption.org
MAPS (Maine Adoption Placement Service)
CEO:  Dawn C. Degenhardt
Cambodian Specialist:  Karen Prescott 
Contact Phone:  207-532-9358
Contact Email:  [email protected]
Web page:  www.mapsadopt.org


Reaching Out thru International Adoption, Inc.
Director:  Jeannene Smith
Cambodian Program:  Donna Kochoa
Contact Phone:  (856) 321-0777
Contact Email:  [email protected]
Web page:  http://www.adoptachild.us


Welcome House  
Adoption Program of Pearl S. Buck International
Director: Janet Mintzer, CEO
Interim Director: Jane Cramer 
Cambodian program:  Jane Cramer
Contact Phone:  (215) 249-0100 or 1-800-220-BUCK
Contact Email: [email protected]
Web address: www.pearl-s-buck.org
We only work in PA NJ, DE, VA &CT - we do the home study and placement (through SIA)

Wide Horizons For Children
Founder/Executive Director: Vicki Peterson
Cambodia Program Coordinator: Mary Moo
Contact Phone: (781) 894-5330
Contact Email: [email protected]
Web address: www.whfc.org



World Child International
Executive Director:  Sherrell Goolsby
Cambodia program supervisor:  Karen Batshaw
Contact Phone:  301.588.3000
Contact Email:  [email protected]
Web address:  www.worldchild.org


World Partners Adoption, Inc
Director:  Cindy Harding
Contact Phone:  1-800-350-7338 (Cindy)
Web address:  http://www.worldpartnersadoption.org









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