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Cambodian Names

An alphabetical listing of Cambodian names and their meanings.  Please note: Some Cambodian names seem to have no particular meaning, perhaps chosen because they sound good or are in honor of someone.  We have only listed names that had meanings.  If you know of a Cambodian name and its meaning that we have not included, please leave us a comment and we'll add it to our list.

Achariya:  (M/F) wonderful, marvelous

Akara:  (M/F) letter

Amara:  (M) deity

Anchaly:  (M/F) hand

Arun (M) Arunny (F) :   Morning sun

Ary (F) :  Knowledge

Atith (M):  Sunny day, Sunday

Bona:  (M) boy/man

Botum (F) regal lady, princess

Bopha:  (F) beautiful flowers

Bora, Boran:  (M) ancient

Boupha:  (F) flower-like

Borey, Bourey:  (M) country, great city

Bunroeun:  (M) the country

Chakra/Chakara :  (M) Center of energy

Champei:  (F) type of flower with fragrant white or red flowers

Chamroeun :  (M/F)  Prosperity

Chan:  (F) from the fragrant tree; moon; Monday

Chankrisna :  (M/F)  A sweet-smelling tree

Chanlina:  (F) moonlight

Chanmony:  (F) moonlight which shines like a diamond

Chann :  (M)  the moon

Channary:  (F) moon-faced girl

Chanthavy:  (F) beautiful moon girl, moon angel

Chanthou, Chantou:  (M/F) flower

Chantrea : (M/F)  moonlight, moon

Chanvatey:  (M/F) educated person, scholar

Charya, Chakriya, Chariya:  (M/F) good character

Chavy:  (F) little angel

Chaya:  (F) glorious, praise

Chea:  (M/F) to be well, healthy

Chenda:  (F) thought, idea; beloved, dearest

Chhay:  (M) attractive, charming

Chhaya:  (M/F) shadow; image; beauty; light

Chhean:  (F) meditation, contemplation

Chhorvin, Chhorvon:  (F) glamorous

Chivy:  (F) Life

Choum:  (F) refreshingly beautiful

Da:  (F) rock, stone

Dara :  (M/F)  Star; Precious

Darany :  (M)  Stars

Darareaksmey :  (F) bright shining star

Davi, Davy, Daevy, Devi:  (F) angel

Davuth:  money

Heng :  (M) Lucky

Jorani : (F) radiant jewel

Kalianne, Kaliyan, Kalliyan, Koliyan : (F) sweet darling; morally good; charming

Kaliyanei:  (F) beautiful, lovely, attractive

Kanleakhana:  (F) possessing character

Kannareth:  containing a beautiful quality similar to a flower

Kannitha:  (F) angels

Kanya:  (F) beauty, virgin, girl

Kesor:  (F) beautiful, heavenly lady

Khean:  a traditional type of flute/panpipe

Khemera :  (M) Pali for "Cambodian"

Kiri :  (M)  Mountain, mountain peak

Kolab:  (F) rose

Kolthida:  (F) daughter of a respectable family; young woman

Kong Kea:  (M) Big water

Kosal : (M) Clever, magical, merit (usually gained in return from what you  have given)

Kravann:  (M/F) tiny golden brown flower fragrant in the evening

Kunthea, Kun Thea :  (F) the fragrance of a flower, sweet smelling; good deed, kindness, favor

Leakena:  (F) attribute, characteristic, quality

Leap:  (M/F) good luck, good fortune, success

Mach: (F) melodious

Makara:  (M/F) January

Malis, M'liss:  (F) Southeast Asian jasmine

Maly:  (F) flower blossom

Many, Mony:  (M/F) precious stone, gem

Mao/Mau :  (M/F) dark skin

Meaker :  (M) greatest

Mean(F)  wealthy

Mittapheap:  (M) friendship - as in between nations

Mliss :  (F) flower that grows in Cambodia

Montha :  (M) charming

Munny, Munney:  (M) wise

Nakry:  (F) sweet-smelling, night-blooming flower, similar to jasmine

Narin:  superior

Narith :  (M)  masculine man

Nary :  (F) small beautiful bird or girl

Nearidei:  (F) white four-leafed flower fragrant in the evening

Neary:  (F) girl, gentle girl

Nhean:  (M) intuitive, knowledgeable

Nimith:  (M) transformation

Nimol:  (M) flawless

Nisay :  (M)  loved from afar / love at first sight

Noreaksey:  (M) great power, truthful

Nuon:  (F) soft and tender, pleasant

Oudom:  (M) excellent, supreme, magnificent, plentiful

Phala:  (M) prosperous

Phally:  (F)  prosperity

Phary:  (F) beautiful, good flower

Pheakdei:  (M/F) loyalty, honesty

Pheakkley:  (F)  faithfulness

Phhoung:  (F) wreath of flowers

Phirum:  (M) comfort and peacefulness

Phirun:  (M) rain

Pich:  (M/F) diamond

Piseth :  (M) rare in power or quality; supreme, magnificent, greatest

Pisey :  (M/F) little darling; supreme, special; beloved, dearest

Poeu, Peou:  (M/F) youngest one

Ponleak:  (M) strength, endurance

Ponleu (M) Ponnleu (F):  light, illumination

Ponlok:  (M/F) darling, dear; to sprout

Prak:  (M) silver

Pros:  (M) boy, man

Punthea:  (F) gentle

Puthyrith:  (M) merciful power

Putrea: (F) Cambodian plum

Rachana:  (M/F) art, fine arts, artistic decoration

Rachany:  (F) night

Raksmei, Rangsei, Rasmey:  (M/F) ray of light

Rainsey :  (M) rays of the sun going away from the Buddha, a traveler; last name of prominent Cambodian politician, Sam Rainsey.

Rath, Roth:  (M/F) a type of flower; orphan

Rathana, Rothana, Rottana, Rotha:  (M/F)  Nationalist; precious stones, jewels

Rathanak, Rothanak:  (M)  precious stones, jewels

Reach:  (F) beautiful

Reasmey:  (M/F)  ray, sunshine

Reaksmey :  (F)  bright, shining and sparkling

Rithisak:  (M)  powerful

Rith:  (M) power, strength, courage, prosperity

Rithipol:  (M) mystical powers and strength

Rithy :  (M)  powerful strength

Rom Chang :  (F) water flower

Rotha :  beautiful country

Roumduol:  (F) type of flower (typically grows around Angkor Wat)

Roumjong:  (F) water plant with white/purplish-blue flower

Sakngea:  (M) dignitary, statesman

Saley:  (F) french origin - a plant grown in Europe and used in the production of beer

Samay:  (M) modern, contemporary; daydream

Sambath :  (M)  great wealth or asset; fortune

Samlain:  (M) buddy, friend

Samnang, Samang, Somnang :  (M)  lucky, fortunate

Samphy:  (M/F) hard working, busy

Samrin :  (M) the name of a past Cambodian political leader

Sangha:  (M) handsome

Sann:  (M) peaceful, quiet, comfortable

Sathea, Sotear :  (M/F) compassion

Savady, Sawatdee : (F) Thai greeting

Seda, Setha, Sita :  (F) wife of Rama

Serey :  (M/F)  freedom, born free; beauty, charm, splendor; peace, prosperity; power, authority

Seyha : (F) August

Sikha :  (F) peaceful, content

Sinuon:  (F)  a type of flower

Sobin, Soboen:  (F) dream

Socheat:  (F)  well born, well grown

Sok : (F) well, peaceful, happy 

Sokha :  (M/F)  peaceful, content

Sokhanya:  (F) peaceful lady

Sokhem:  (M) hope

Sokhom:  (M/F) safe, happy

SokMean:  (F) happy and wealthy

Sokun:  (M)  good smell (sok=good, kun=smell)

Sombo :  (F) fullness of wealth, plentiful

Sonisay : (F) one you like at first impression

Sonith:  (M) good conduct or manners

Sopath, Sopat, Sophat:  (M)  soft, gentle

Sophal:  (F)  cultivation

Sophea :  (M/F) clever, wisdom

Sopheap : (M/F) soft, gentle, lovely; proper, well-mannered

Sopheara:  (M) handsome, attractive

Sopheary :  (F)  lovely, attractive, beautiful girl

Sopheaktra :  (M) gentle face

Sophon:  (F) beauty

Sophorn : (F) glamour

Soportevy:  (F) beautiful, angelic, a beautiful girl like an angel

Soriya :  (F) sun

Sorpheny:  (F) beautiful

Sorya, Soriya:  (M/F) sun

Sotear, Sothea, Sotheara, Sotearith:  (F) compassionate, generous; sweet flower

Sotha:  (M) from soth meaning 'pure'

Sotharith, Sothea, Sotearith:  (M) compassion

Sothear:  (M) clean, pure; bright; light ray; ambrosia; generous

Sothiya:  (M)  pure soul

Sothy:  (M/F) intelligence, cleverness; scholar, sage

Sourkea :  (M/F) heaven

Sov:  (M) Saturday

Sovanara:  (F) dream

Sovandary : (F) gold star

Sovann:  (M/F) gold; dream

Sovanna:  (M/F) golden; dream

Sovannary, Sovaneary :  (F) golden girl

Sovannarith :  (M) golden boy

SraEm, Sraem:  (F) beautiful brown skin color

Srey :  (F) girl, feminine

Srey Doung : (F) young coconut girl

Srey Leak:  (F) perfect girl

SreyMau:  (F) black girl

Sreymom, Srey Mom:  (F) beloved girl

Sreynuon:  (F) tender girl

Sreypich, Srey Pich, SreyPek : (F) diamond girl

Sros:  (M/F) charmingly beautiful

Suorsdey :  (F) "hello", joyful greeting

Tevy, Taevy : (F) angel, angelic

Thavary:  (F) an angel or good spirit

Theary :  (F)  helper or aide

Thom:  (M/F) oldest one; large

Thida, Thyda:  (F) girl born of royalty, daughter of the gods; angelic girl

Tina :  (F) where

Toch, Touch:  (F) little, young one, small

Vanna:  (F) golden

Vannak:  (M) having class

Veasna, Visna :  (M/F) destiny, fate

Veata:  (F) the wind

Veha:  (M) sky

Vibol:  (M) abundant; large, many

Vichear:  (M) knowledge or education

Vichet:  (M) magnificent, very beautiful; colorful

Vimean :  (F) royalty or grandeur

Vireak:  (M) absence of desire

Vireakboth:  (M) brave, ingenious, noble son

Visal:  (M/F)  excellent, large, vast

Viseth:  (M) excellent, superb, marvelous

Visoth:  (M) heavenly, pure

Visothirith:  (M) visothi 'pure' + rith

Vithara:  (M) spacious, large, expansive; long and detailed

Vithu:  (M) wise, intelligent, scholarly, erudite