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Summer Camps

Cambodian Heritage Camp

Cambodian Heritage Camp is a place you go with your family. Located in Colorado, camp takes place in mid-July and lasts 4-5 days. You can stay in dorm-style housing or cabins.

Even among the unique group of culture camps that comprises the Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families family, Cambodian Heritage Camp stands out. Now in its tenth year, it is the only culture camp in the U.S. that is specifically geared toward Cambodian-born adoptees and their families. Despite the relatively small number (approximately 1800) of Cambodian children adopted by Americans in the past 15 years, Cambodian Heritage camp normally fills up quickly with over 80 families who travel from throughout the U.S. to attend this very special event. We have a huge "extended family" of Cambodian-Americans from the Denver area who give their unwavering support to our camp every year, and an astounding network of Cambodian-American volunteers who regularly come from California and the east coast to participate as camp counselors, workshop leaders, and program speakers.

Holt Adoptee Camp

Holt Adoptee Camp is just for Adoptees.  There are five locations around the United States.  Each camp runs for about five days, once each summer.  This camp is not Cambodian-specific, adoptees from many countries attend.

"Based on overwhelming camper feedback, we changed the core programming focus in 2006 from birth culture to adoption culture. Where once we learned to cook recipes from a foreign land, we now discuss what life would’ve been like in our birth countries. Rather than choreographing an intricate fan dance, we discuss ways to respond to racist slurs. Instead of lessons in Chinese calligraphy, we practice having conversations with our parents around issues that aren’t easy to approach. This programming philosophy has proven popular and relevant to adoptees and their families."