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Homeland Travel

When it's time to plan your return trip to Cambodia, you have a number of options, from full-service to DIY

Journeys Within

Journeys Within offers a variety of Cambodia tour packages, including Signature Tours that range from 5-15 days and a Family Classic that is 14 days long.  These tours are not adoption-homeland specific... they are geared toward all families.
For those who chose to DIY, Journeys Within also has a listing of hotels with ratings to help you choose.

DIY Links

For true DIY-ers, check out...
The Cambodian-Adoption Yahoo Groups have a number of good posts from families who have already traveled, sharing tips and recommendations.
And don't forget to check out all the great books and videos available in our bookstore (via Amazon).

The Ties Program

THE TIES PROGRAM—Adoptive Family Travel

Home of Cambodian Ties Adoptive Family Homeland Journey

The Ties Program is a travel program for adoptive families who would like to visit their child's birth country to see the sights, experience the culture, and reconnect with people and places significant to their child's adoption. A social worker/adoption professional travels with each group to offer optional "Connect & Chat" for adoptees and  "Talk Times" for adults. to help families process this identity building experience.  Charitable aid opportunities via WORLD TIES LTD, our 501(C)(3) non profit organization. Financial assistance available via the Gift of Identity Fund (http://gift-of-identity.org). Heritage trips available to Africa, Asia, Latin America, Russia, Eastern Europe. Additional programs will be added based on interest from families. www.AdoptiveFamilyTravel.com  [email protected] 


Lotus Tours

Take this tour and your family will enjoy a cultural and historical trip of a lifetime. You get to explore one of the Wonders of the Ancient World and also get to see and experience the bustle of modern day city life in Phnom Penh. Cambodia offers unique cultural experience with the compelling history of Angkor Wat. Our family friendly tour includes a visit to a local school as well as the opportunity to experience a King Cobra show and the opportunity to study the lost ancient Cambodian crafts. Of course, a visit to your child’s orphanage city is customized to your requests and handled with care. Join this culturally rich tour and learn more about Cambodia and your family’s heritage.