Cambodia To Restart Adoptions in 2014

posted Dec 4, 2013, 9:52 AM by Christina C.
In an article from the Washington Post today, Cambodia's Deputy Social Affairs Minister Nim Thoth declared his government's intention to restart international adoptions in 2014.

“I can say that we will definitely make sure the process goes ahead in 2014 — the sooner the better,” Thoth said.

Unicef received the news with guarded enthusiasm:

“UNICEF is pleased that the Government announced its commitments to ensure that resources including human and financial resources are in place to gradually resume new inter-country applications in 2014,” she said in an email Wednesday.

“UNICEF re-emphasizes that essential safeguards to ensure the proper case management of adoptions need to be in place before the resumption of adoptions in Cambodia,” she said, adding that “the resumption of adoptions should therefore take place gradually.”

While the U.S. government spokesman was less optimistic:  

"U.S. Embassy spokesman John Simmons said the U.S. position is unchanged. The embassy website states that Cambodia does not have adequate child protection mechanisms to allow adoptions to the U.S. to resume."

If you are an American hoping to adopt from Cambodia, we urge you not to contract with any agency at this time.  It is unclear when or if the U.S. will agree to reopen adoptions.  Furthermore, the new system may allow only a handful of agencies to facilitate adoptions.  Protect your heart and your finances and wait until all the structures are in place.